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The Detectologist NZ

The Detectologist NZ

Need to find a genealogist for hire to grow your family tree, solve your mysteries, break down your brick walls or find your biological family through the magic of DNA testing?

Where does your story begin? Are you curious about your past? Do you wish to leave a legacy for future generations? Had a DNA test and seeking biological family members? Look no further…The Detectologist is the family history geek for you!

My Point of Difference…

I’m an expert in New Zealand, Australian & English ancestry…
including the emigration of your family to New Zealand.

We would use Nikki again without hesitation for anything family history/genealogy related. Especially maori ancestry. Her reports were full of exciting information as well as photographs. You can tell Nikki... read more

Leia Renee Avatar Leia Renee
December 30, 2021

Genealogist & Family Historian

Get to know your ancestors in a more intimate & meaningful way. Contact The Detectologist, a New Zealand-based genealogist & researcher. I am an experienced research and an expert in New Zealand, Australian and English ancestry including the emigration of your family to New Zealand. Let me time travel through your family history with you!

Get answers with Ancestry DNA testing

I specialise in DNA testing advice, interpreting your test & using your Ancestry DNA matches to break brick walls or identify your biological family. Find out where your ancestors came from, get an ethnicity estimate & find cousins you didn’t know about. Has your DNA test thrown you a curve ball or are you an adoptee seeking answers? I can help!

Breathe life into your ancestors

I provide professional written reports and official documentation on your family and ancestral lines & can help in solving enthralling family mysteries! Unlike other genealogists, I help you to “meet” your ancestors, giving you far more than just boring names and dates. I seek out the stories, pictures, mug shots, places & social context so you get a real sense of who they were!

When you want to make rapid progress on your family research, or have reached a dead end, hiring a New Zealand genealogy ‘detectologist’ makes perfect sense!

Take advantage of my years of experience in helping others. Let’s find those black sheep, colourful characters or skeletons in the closest, put flesh onto the bones of your ancestors & bring them to life!

Let’s get serious about your Family Tree Research!

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