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website redesign companySmall business website design is a complex process, not least because if its not done carefully, irreparable harm to the current search engine rankings can occur! WRC are experts at preserving existing your SEO rankings throughout the redesign processes. Whilst an old site can be a liability in terms of aesthetics and functionality, it will have inherent value in the eyes of Google. It is therefore critical that the redesign include:

- a benchmark SERPs report (search engine results pages) showing where things stand at the outset for each keyword search phrase / page.

- listing all the old page file names and paths

- for each page, recording the Title and Description and checking if images have Alt tags

- noting any internal anchor text links within pages

If that is done across the site, then building a chart of 301 Redirects for old pages to new respective pages is possible, thus transferring the inherent value of every old page to its counterpart in the new version of the website. 

Expert Website Design Services

Here's a brief outline of the website redesign services I provide to my customers:

WP Expertise

Ongoing Technical Support and Maintenance at competitive costs for your business.

Business Website Design

We recreate your existing website, transforming it into a modern,  fast and secure business tool.


Take advantage of the latest responsive web design tools & standards.

For affordable rebuilds, contact the small business website design company and get service from a web designer with over two decades of experience. When you need reliability, dependability, and old-fashioned work ethics, you should contact me.

There are multiple reasons that small business website design services are needed. WRC is a specialist in website redesign services. Basically, the endless evolution of web technologies provides new methods of achieving better outcomes. Not to mention the previously impossible becoming possible.... A solid example is "mobile responsive web site design" which is now a ranking component of Google's relevancy ranking analysis of your web site. Sites that give mobile users a poor UX (user experience) will not be as prominent in SERPs..

Page load speed is another important factor, due to the rise in the dramatic in the number of mobile devices used to view web pages. More than 50% of all your website's visitors will be on mobile devices - tablets and smartphones etc.

The evolution of your competitor's web redesign and rebuild can steadily leave your web pages looking less and less attractive! The solution is to take a technological leap forward, and improve both the visitor experience and the ease of administration...

There's no over-promising and under-delivering on my website projects. I stand by what I do and I won't ever leave you stranded. If anything breaks, I will be there to fix it asap. If you need additional features and functions, I will help achieve that for you too! Many of my clients have been using my services for more than a decade! My work ethic has always been aimed at generating long-term relationships with my clients and I prefer the role of  consulting partner, not a cheap labour source.

Discuss your Web Design Project with me

Contact me for a fast, free, no-obligation web redesign quote and/or a website audit. I will first analyse your current site and assess its technical and user experience shortcomings. I will identify opportunities for improvement and provide indicative remedial costs.

Email: [email protected]

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